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We all want a cleaner energy system in the future. At Solar Solutions we have been driving this forward since 2015. Drawing on over 100 years of experience in the PV sector we use our extensive Marketing, Procurement and Quality Control expertise to bring globally recognised consumer brands to the renewable energy space.

Our Brands

Helping customers worldwide achieve their sustainability goals since 2015.

Solar Solutions: harnessing the sun
from our headquarters in Switzerland.

Our Achievements

  1. 2M+

  2. Number of Modules Sold
  3. 40+

  4. Number of countries sold in
  5. 10+

  6. Awards from Solar industry professionals and consumers
  7. 30+

  8. Years of management expertise in the solar industry



Number of Modules Sold
Number of countries sold in



Awards from Solar industry professionals and consumers
Years of management expertise in the solar industry

The Product Range

We offer a unique curated 360° solution
energy solution for homes and business’s

Solar Modules
Solar Modules
Batteries and Inverter
Batteries & Inverters
C&I Solutions
C & I Solutions

The Team

Meet the team with over 100 years’ experience in the renewable energy world we are a melting pot of culture and skillsets hand-picked to deliver superb customer experiences.


Globally Recognised Brands

It almost doesn’t need saying. In the renewable energy space, there are almost no recognisable consumer brands. Therefore, working with Solar Solutions allows you to partner with brands that resonate with the wider general public

Premuim Brand Quality

A world recognised brand must deliver the highest quality. Our own team of engineers and quality control experts, inspect all our production, only products approved by our team gain the now famous AEG, Electrolux or Duracell quality checked sticker

Cutting Edge Technology

Our Technology team are constantly monitoring the latest innovations allowing us to offer the best possible range of products to our customers.